Meet the Student Committee

Throughout the summer, there has been a group of dedicated students who have worked on Democracy Shout Out.  From developing such an ambitious idea into a manageable event, attending meetings, distributing flyers, promoting next week in their classes, and having some meaningful discussions about what can happen next, they have been devoted to giving people the chance to speak out about things that are important to this campus.

However, in this week’s issue of the Lasso, the committee was misrepresented to be only a couple of students.  In fact, it has been almost a dozen who contributed, and they are:

  • Lelys Adrian (Government, undergraduate student)
  • Adriana Blanco (Mathematics, undergraduate student)
  • Barroni Brown (Business Administration, undergraduate student)
  • Anastasia Canfield (Music Therapy, undergraduate student)
  • Aisha Chughtai (Biochemistry, undergraduate student)
  • Katie Fogle (History, graduate student)
  • Leslie Lindsey (History, graduate student)
  • Diann Maurer (Women’s Studies, graduate student)
  • Viri Ramirez (Interdisciplinary Studies, undergraduate student)
  • Tiffany Smith-Holmes (History, graduate student)
  • Megan Smith (Psychology, undegraduate student)
  • Karen Webb (Government, graduate student)

This is in addition to the over 75 students who are volunteering their time to work at the boards.  So support your peers in this project and participate online or on campus next week!


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