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3 Responses to “Democracy”

  1. Lucky Says:

    Weighed by age??? That is an ignorant way of thinking. An individual is a person…on person. So if a 36 year has a job and makes 10.00 an hour, then should two 18 year olds be limited to 5.00 an hour a piece. or if two 36 year olds rent a one bedroom apartment, should this allow four 18 year olds to rent the same size one bedroom apt? I am sure one could think of numerous scenaro’s that would sound just as ridiculous. I am surprised that this is coming from a college student.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    ageism = bullshit

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Votes in the U.S. should be weighted by age. One 36-year-old’s vote should count the same as two 18-year-old’s votes.

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