Health Care

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2 Responses to “Health Care”

  1. Christopher Johnson Says:

    The question to me is whether we want to be a society who takes care of its poor or one that allows the forces of nature to work and disparity between the classes to grow.

    I’m a healthy and health conscious person. I’m vegan. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. I don’t eat out. I don’t buy from Walmart or eat at any fast food restaurant. I work hard to recycle and spend my hard-earned money to buy organic food. I make sacrifices to eliminate single-use plastics from my life. To an insurer, I’m a low risk. It’s unlikely that I would fall ill from any of the diseases caused from consuming the standard American diet (high fat, high protein) or any of the habits associated with common expensive diseases such as cancer.

    Part of me thinks, “why should I put all this effort in to making myself a low risk and then pay exorbitant taxes for some fat guy’s cardiac bypass surgery or a smoker’s lung transplant?”

    But the truth is that I’m a product of my society just as the fat guy is a product of his society. I can’t give myself credit for being born in to a hard-working middle class family. I can’t give myself credit for all the research that has been done to show how unhealthy the consumption of animal protein is for a human’s health. I’m just lucky that I’ve listened to the right people about diet ( and have a job that affords me the time to shop and cook for my family. I’m just lucky! (or as I prefer to think, enjoying the grace of my God).

    I’m saying I can’t take as much credit as I want to give myself for being who I am, and I can’t completely blame, even a smoker, for ruining his good health (significant blame should be laid at the feet of marketing companies). I can’t blame a fat person (who I claim ruins his health even more than a smoker) because other humans (marketers and corporations and mothers) know how to manipulate our emotions and stimulate our pleasure centers all in the name of competition (to be the biggest fast food chain or make the most money) or even in an honest attempt to earn our love (as in the case of mothers).

    In fact, I lay the most blame of all for our societies bad health at the feet of our government (us and the power of agriculture lobbyists) for subsidizing farms to artificially lower the market price of corn, which in turn has thrown a huge imbalance into the food chain making meat products so much cheaper than they would otherwise be.

    So it’s not because I get up everyday and run fifty minutes that I’m healthy. I am not an island. So I would be willing to work even 1/2 of my day and give those earning to the government in order to improve the health of the society I live in. Healthy people are productive happy people. I would especially want to reach out to immigrants and the poorest in our society.

    For a long while we-the-people will throw out huge amounts of money for people on unnecessary treatments when a change in diet is all that is needed. Eventually our society will stabilize with regard to health as programs are instated to help curb costs through better education.

    I haven’t been to the doctor in years. My employer pays about $450 per month ($5,400 annually) for my medical insurance. I would much prefer to be paid the $450 each month, sock most of it into a health savings account (HSA) and purchase major medical insurance. I would then personally have more money to buy things. But I am not an island.

    What are my things worth to me when a neighbor endures such suffering, mentally and physically, because she can’t afford proper medical treatments for her child? What are my things when a co-worker has to undergo continual treatment for diabetes and hypertension? They’re not worth as much as to me as a healthy society empowered by GOOD universal health care to make healthy decisions.

    I worry that mandated health care will go the way of so many socialist programs that continue to be the victims of greed and abuse, but I worry more about letting immigrant or poor children die just because they weren’t born with the same privileges as me. I worry more that a genius falls victim to the standard American diet and instead of inventing fusion energy or becoming the next Bob Dylan, he dies because of lack of health care and education about science-based health research.

    I’ve debated the question of universal health care in my mind for several years. I’ve done a lot of soul searching and literature reviews about the topic. I’m convinced that universal health care should be a right as much as education is a right. And I am willing to pay my part for it. It won’t be easy. It will hurt my pocket book at first, but the more it hurts, the more I’ll willing to jump in and help make a difference teaching people how to better take care of their health and reduce costs.

  2. vane Says:

    I believe that every person should have health care event the immigrants (who need it the most).

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