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Transcripts from Constitution Day, September 2010

Immigration 15 September Library 12pm-9pm (.doc)


4 Responses to “Immigration”

  1. Jass Says:

    Everyone is an immegrent unless you are a Native American. They keep blaming Hispanics but it is also from European countries.

  2. Lucky Says:

    Illegal immigration is against the law. There are many Hispanics who are here legally and that is respected. It is not right that many are here illegally when others went through the right channels to have legal status.

    • Krista Says:

      @Lucky — many of the respected ones, however, also came here initially without permission. It is much harder to go through “the right channels” than it appears. Those with $ or property/stores in their names can get permission to come alot easier than others. I spent 3 months living in Mexico. In the area we were in, there are no jobs within 40 miles. There were not many vehicles either to get them there..if they could get hired. The prices are outrageous, and their salary is pitiful (this in the area that I was in..maybe 120 pesos per day..less than 12 dollars a day). However, to go through the process of getting a visa to come, one must pay over $400+ US dollars …which is well over 4000 pesos..and in order to do that, they have to travel 4+ hours to the nearest US Consulate to be told yes or no..and without having $ in the bank or certain documents (that in the area I was in..don’t even exist), they are denied (even though they are charged the fees).

      Now, although where I have visited, it’s 40 miles from any city at all, the violence is insane and has caused fear and loss of the little money that the families have.

      I agree–it IS illegal–but it is easy to understand the reason that Hispanics (or any other nationality) come without that permission. With “their” situation it is near impossible to be approved.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Immigration is not an issue of “them” (a derogatory term, generally referring to Mexicans) being here illegally, stealing our jobs, or ruining anything. Immigration is a human rights issue. It’s an issue of racist business owners and private citizens exploiting cheap labor by disposable (non)humans. It’s an issue of the (not so) new slavery.

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