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3 Responses to “Iraq”

  1. Katie Lackey Says:

    Not all Muslims are extremists just like not all Christians are Nazis.

  2. Maia Says:

    Anonymous = misguided, uninformed, Islamaphobic hate-monger

    Islam is as “true” a religion as any other, and it has (along with Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Asian, and other cultures) created TREMENDOUS benefits for our world. It was Islamic, Arabic, and Persian cultures that saved civilization when Europe was living in the squalor and ignorance of the Dark Ages; these places remain centers of tremendous history and learning today.

    For individuals, Islam encourages honesty, sobriety, a good work ethic, generosity in charity, strong family life, marriage, good manners, education for all, welfare for the disadvantaged, a low taxation system, animal rights, dignity for all, care of the environment, a fair banking system without the stranglehold of usury, healthy dietary habits, community cohesion, regular worship of God and God consciousness in all aspects of life.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Islam = false religion. Muslims = misguided.

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