TWU Classes

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2 Responses to “TWU Classes”

  1. Christopher Johnson Says:

    Keep them small!

    It’s not teaching if you have one teacher to a hundred or more; it’s called educational entertainment! Teaching requires meaningful interaction between teacher and student. A teacher in a large lecture section can’t even know my name let alone know how I think about a topic and help guide and add structure that thinking.

    TWU needs to figure out how to manage its money, resources, and student population growth, but the answer is not to add large lecture sections. With large classes the institution becomes worse than a big business. Rather than an institution of higher learning, it would expect payment for a meaningless education, devaluing an education in our society.

    Texas tax payer dollars should be going to educate its citizens not pay for components that don’t directly serve this purpose. There is no situation where a class size should exceed twenty, in my humble opinion.

    • Anonymous Says:

      I agree wholeheartedly in concept. However, smaller classes require hiring more faculty, which costs a lot more money. That means even bigger tuition increases or major cuts somewhere else. Carry the argument on through to some possible solutions.

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