TWU Parking

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4 Responses to “TWU Parking”

  1. Lona Says:

    It is not that we gripe about parking far away, there are no spaces even far away. We get here early to get a parking spot and still drive around for an hour or more. At this point any parking place would do. It is impossible to find a space in any of the parking lots most times. This causes us students to be late for class and we must suffer the consequences for that. We pay $70 and should be able to park somewhere….anywhere?!?!?!? It is getting to be ridiculous!! TWU is enrolling students each semester at a record breaking number, but doing nothing to fix the parking problems. Something really needs to be done!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Having been at many other universities, I can say that TWU’s parking is better than most. Everyone hates the parking at every university, but it is simply impossible to let every student, faculty and staff member park right up close to their building. Criticisms should be realistic. For example, adding new parking would almost certainly have to be further away, so if you are upset at parking far away, that won’t make it any better. The only way to have more parking up close is to build a parking garage, which would mean much higher parking fees (which is the other big complaint). I think UNT students pay at least $200 a year to park in a garage. Otherwise, they pay over $100 to park much further away than any TWU student ever has to. Be realistic about parking solutions – and remember that a more realistic solution is to carpool or take a bus.

    • Anonymous Says:

      you got to me kidding me…is this the excuse you can come up with for a school who is making tons of money off the back of hard working tax payers. You got to be kidding me. Well I would like to see faculty and staff parking lots in the muddy gravel overflow lots that they assign to commuters to park in. Its a slap in the fact for $70.00 and when it rains its HORRIBLE.

  3. Lucky Says:

    Parking is limited and some cannot afford these fees. This forces many to park blocks away from campus and when it rains, this is a major problem.

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